Civil Wedding Deggendorf



Claudia and Jan’s “Civil Wedding Deggendorf” story

Claudia & Jan were celebrating their Civil Wedding at the Landesgartenschau in Deggendorf, Germany in the “Room of quietness”. It was an amazing day!

It was a lovely summer day, warm sun and great colours all around us, the Landesgartenschau is a great place for Weddings and Civil Weddings, with so many trees and flowers from all types.

The guests started to arrive at the ‘Civil Wedding Deggendorf’ with unbelievable traditional outfits. Girls were wearing a traditional outfit with different colours and flowery embroidery called ‘Dirndl’ and man were wearing normally long sleeves shirts also with great details and short trousers called ‘Lederhosen’.

Everyone was inside of the “Room of Quietness” waiting for Claudia to enter. The live traditional music was playing in the background, making everything very special and emotional. You could feel and see people were starting to get emotional right before Claudia entered the room, while Jan was waiting up in the front row.

Once the musicians changed the tunes, Claudia entered the room, and the first few tears of happiness from the guests and families were starting to show. Everyone was happy and excited as they should be.

After the Civil Wedding everyone could cheer and hug of happiness. As we moved outside, we started to take few images of the Bride and Groom with their families and friends. After all the formal images were finished, we moved to discover this amazing park, and we could do few images of the rings, and right after that, more images of Claudia and Jan together. We made some relaxed and fun portraits of them together, and it was a great time to work with them for sure.

Here are some beautiful moments of their special day, to remember forever:
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