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West Essex Golf Club Wedding

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Chloe’ and Michael’s wedding at the “West Essex Golf Club”

Chloe’ and Michael were celebrating their special day at the West Essex Golf Club, London, United Kingdom. It was such a pleasure to be part of their day with so many family and friends joining this amazing moment.

It was incredible to work with Chloe’ and Michael, which I think of them as friends, not clients. Such a lovely couple to work with and just being around them and their family and friends. Everyone at the party was so nice and welcoming.

It was emotional to see them for the first time coming through the doors of the West Essex Golf Club, an amazing private Golf Club, surrounded by green lush forrest and lots of Golf courses all around us, a great natural view just in front of us.

First we decided to hide at the back of the Golf Club to photograph Chloe’ and Michael together, we headed out at the back, the sunset was just starting to set, we had a good 30-40 minutes before the sun would set for the day. Chloe’ and Michael were laughing and having a good time, just relaxing while walking down the Golf Club fields. The golden light started to show on the green autumn leafs, and gradually changing the colours in golden, brown and yellow mixed together, very lucky for this time of the year.

After we finished to capture few images together, we headed inside where they were received by all their friends and family with a big cheer. Finally everyone was relaxing and started to enjoy dinner and having a good times all together. Chloe’ and Michael were making sure that all their friends and family were having a good time.

Before you knew, the time to cut the cake arrived and soon after the floor was clear, the dance and celebrations got get started. What an amazing celebration and party to bless Chloe’ and Michael with great family and friends topped with great music and moves on the dance floor. Wishing them the very best.

Here are some beautiful moments of their special day, to remember forever:
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