The perfect wedding day

The Perfect Wedding Day


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Your wedding is approaching. And of course, this day should be the most beautiful day of your life. The perfect wedding day. As a professional photographer, I have been to a lot of weddings and gained a lot of experiences. The focus is often on meticulously timed processes and the great moments of the day, that you don’t lose the precious little things on your wedding day, we would like to give you a few tips along the way .


 #1 First Look

The “First Look” is the moment when you see each other the first time as a bride and groom. On a day of hustle and bustle, this moment is probably the most intimate one. It belongs only to you both. Enjoy the surprise when you behold your loved one in the festive wedding gown. Feel the ‘surprise’, ‘admiration’ and ‘love’ in the eyes of your partner. Take your time for tender kisses and tears of joy. For us as photographers, it is a great honour to capture those moments. Of course, we remain discreetly in the background and record those remarkable moments. You will remember the magic of this moment forever.

#2 Preparation

Have you ever heard a married couple saying about their own wedding “it was beautiful, but tiring”? A wedding can be described by many words: romantic, lovingly, enchanting … ” Exhausting” should not lined up in this listing. Preparation is everything!

Think early about an approximate daily routine for your wedding. But be aware: Do not pack too many events on your wedding day. If you do then you will rush from one event to another. Give yourselves rather the time for a chat with your guests. And feel deliberately: “We two are now a married couple.” Sent your timeline to your family, photographer, videographer and to the venue. So your day will work out how you are imagine.


#3 Emergency kit

An emergency kit is the perfect companion, if you want to master every situation confidently. Equipped with stain remover, small scissors, sewing kit, hair spray, safety pins, deodorant, granola bar, sticking plaster and Co., your day will be relaxed. The better your preparation is, the more relaxed are you as the newlyweds. And that you will see on the wedding pictures.

#4 Personal touch

You want to get married like anybody else? Probably not. We will tell you how you get a personal touch on for your perfect wedding day.

Every couple is unique, has its own habits and preferences. Your wedding should be the same. Ask yourself, how you are as a couple and bring your style into your wedding.

Our tips:

  • You can start with the invitation. Place a nice picture of you into the layout and create a normal invitation into a unique one. With the engagement session you will definitely get the perfect images.
  • You are a teacher? Then replace your place card with small blackboards. That is a real eye-catcher.
  • If you spend your free time travelling around the world, you could bring the destinations in your decoration. Rename your tables after countries or decorate them with some accessories of the countries you have been.
  • Do-it-Yourself! You cannot see the classical table decoration with the same bouquets anymore? Then set special highlights! Self-made Etagere from plates and cups enhances your decoration. Granny’s old coffee pod goes perfectly as a flower vase. That is how it works with the Vintage-look.

Set your creativity no limits. Get married how you want it and how you feel good with it. The most important thing is: Your marriage is the start for a long and happily life together as a married couple. Enjoy your day to the fullest, and look forward to a new way for both of you.


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