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– Follow your dreams, they know the way –


This motto characterizes my life until now.



I have been working as a professional photographer for more than 15 years and I have enjoyed every moment.

Some of my highlights have included: 

– Shooting a reportage story about street children in Mexico City for a Children’s Charity, Mexico 

– Teaching photography at the University of the Nations in Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Fashion, wedding and family photography on the beautiful island of Sardinia, South Africa, Mexico, Caribbean, London (Harrods), Germany and much more

My professional career actually started very differently, though it has always involved travelling and working with people. I studied hospitality at the Scuola the Casargo on Italy’s magical Lake Como and then spent several years working in some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and yachts, including the five-star Savoy Hotel in London, the five-star Hotel Villa D’Este in Lake Como and the five-star Sheraton Hotel in London.

During my time in the hotel business, I was lucky enough to visit wonderful places, meet extraordinary people and experience some of the world’s finest cultures.

I wanted to capture these magical moments forever. And so the story of a great love affair began. After an intensive course in ‘Black and White Photography’ at the Saint Martin College of Art in London, I made the decision to turn my passion into my profession.

I decided to learn this craft from scratch at the Western Academy of Photography in Canada and gratuated with my diploma as a professional photographer in 2000.

Born in Milan and now based in southern Germany – where I built a house with my wife Ariane and our daughter Amelia – I speak several languages, travel frequently and like to think of myself as a citizen of the world.

 My destinations:

(The white dots are my destinations where I have been with my work until now)


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