Hochzeitsschau Deggendorf 2015 // Host Gabi Menacher

GM aktuellBridal Fair in Deggendorf, Germany | 8. November 2015

Interview with Gabi Menacher, Eventmanager with “menacher Event”.






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One of the most beautiful bridal show in lower Bavaria – organized by Gabi Menacher, Deggendorf!

Gabi’s Motto: ‘Tranquility is the source of strength’.

Gabi has organized all kinds of events over the last 20 years:

– The biggest music fair in the world in Frankfurt, Germany

– A distributors’ meeting with international guests in the event resort ‘Scalaria’ at Wolfgangsee 

– Weddings, celebrations in Germany and more 

and of course the annual bridal show in Deggendorf, Germany

So our wedding couples can get an idea of what to expect at this year’s bridal show in Deggendorf, we interviewed Gabi to find out a few details.

Q: How long have you been organizing the bridal show in Deggendorf?

Since 1998… initially the Kolpinghaus Deggendorf with exhibitors… then the ‘Townhall I’. We expanded to the glass foyer and now we have the bridal show in the entire area of both Deggendorfer townhalls…. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about planning the bridal show in Deggendorf?

The personal and friendly contact with our exhibitors and partners…

Q: What can our readers expect from the bridal show in Deggendorf?

…on the one hand, of course, the fact that everything they need for the most beautiful day of their life is here in one place and presented by professionals… but as well as that, every year there is something new….something which brings joy and makes this day much more special..

Q: What wedding trends can we expect in 2016?

Definitely weddings in ‘Vintage style’

Q: Can the wedding couples book appointments with the exhibitors at the bridal show?

…. of course

Q: How much is the entrance fee?

10 Euro

Q: What are the opening times of the bridalshow?

From 10am till 5pm

Q: What are your three top tips for couples planning their wedding?

1. Work together as a Bride and Groom to determine how your beautiful day should be organized… Then – and only then – involve your family and friends.

2. Request the Church, Pastor, Location appointments and so on quite early. 

3. This is in my opinion one of the best times in anyone’s life. Try to enjoy it by approaching everything with peace and with lots of love.


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